Commitment and Excellence For Our Customers

High Tech Locating understands the importance of our role when it comes to locating for our customers who are depending on us for the preservation of their facilities. For this reason we count on qualified personnel who are rigorously screened and trained before hiring. All of our equipment are carefully tested and selected based on their high quality reputation within the industry of being accurate and reliable.

Buried utilities (gas, phone, cable, electric, water and sewer) are critical to all underground facility owners, most likely representing a "buried treasure." These buried infrastructures are vital and precious and at times very hard to find just like a real "buried treasure." Allow us to keep your “treasure” safe. Call us toll free 1-800-594-9141.

Accuracy vs. Volume

Our field locators are motivated and rewarded for quality in their performance rather than volume of locating services completed. Success in having a very low rate of miss locates is essential to us and our customers.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

As part of our Quality Control and Quality Assurance program, work Instruction supports every single step of our process and we are always vigilant that procedures are met. Work Instructions are constantly revised for improvements. Fieldwork is randomly evaluated.

High Tech Locating Offers: How You Benefit:
Professional Services Quality services that are reliable and cost-effective.
Computerized Locating System Fast and efficient.
High Tech Equipment Best technology at your service.
Wide Range of Location Services One stop shop for all of your locating needs.
Uniform Fleet, Uniforms and IDs Simply your operation with professionals who are accountable. You can direct your resources to your main core business.